Seeing beyond YOU

Because of what my family had to go through growing up, we are spread out and no one talks to the other.

I understand this, there was a lot of damage done, so what I did also was just do what would keep me going. But this I know, you have to deal with it sometime.

The reason I will not speak to them, is because I know this, they are beyond my help they need to seek God and professional help. And I know sometimes, people just don’t want the help, they see nothing wrong with the way they live.

The Lord has taken me on a journey that has helped where no one could, OMG I am so thankful for that. Because he made me look beyond ME, sometimes we get self-centred and self-possessed.

It’s true we do, I was talking to a friend the other day, she was talking about her family, her finances etc etc.

I looked at her and said, I have no family, but I have the Lord. She looked at me never realising this and I have been in the same church for a while.

This is what I mean, who is around you this christmas that you could just say hey, how are you doing?

Why I was thinking about this, Chromatix is the company that has built the church website, instead of spending money on a party etc, they contacted the IGA store and asked if they could come in and pay for people’s shopping. How gorgeous is that, thinking of others is the best gift of all…


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