Enter stage left

Have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights?

We are made to feel or think that we are worthless, lies all of it.

You are made for greater things than this, why there is no change.


You get in the way of the process, you may have a small tantrum, hissy fit or conniption. Or a know it all attitude, shut it down now.

Nothing that happens in your life is because of bad luck, your parents or family. You have the ability to know the truth, you know the right way to live.

Its YOU, yep the truth will set you free. You are worthy, because you were created in his image. But if things are going wrong, then what are you doing?

The devil gets into your head, he puts thoughts in, YOU decide what to do with them. You can decide to listen or shut that voice down and hear the one that needs to be heard.

The lord can come and speak to you with a knowing or voice. You can see if its him because someone will say the exact words you heard, that’s a confirmation.

Step forth, don’t look, leap “greater things will he do, than he that is in the world”.

I would rather follow my father, than sit and be rotting. Once you do this the devil cannot hold you back, yahoo.


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