Chocolate, yummo OMG so bad

Last night I was very naughty. I am sure we all have moments of weakness, this was mine.

I ate in the afternoon these yummo chocolate creamy delicious mint chocolates.

I ate about 5, then slept for a good 3 hrs. Chocolate has an effect on me, if I am a little tired, then I am out cold for 2-3 hrs.

I don’t know anyone else this happens too but, a bomb could go off and I don’t think I would wake up.

So I slept until 6.23pm, prayer meeting starts at 6pm. Yes I was late, but at least I made the effort to get their.

I feel like a little kid that has just made a confession.

But yummo, it tasted worth it. But I know it wasn’t because I should have not missed any of the meeting.

God is more worth anything else in this world.


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