What a beautiful day…

Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and all is right with the world.

I watch sometimes the birds nesting in my backyard, the lord says how he even feeds the birds. Who do not worry, but go about their day, raising their young. they know the feed will be their to supply there food.

So I am loved and cared for, my father takes care of all and is mindful of me as his daughter. Do you not think he is thinking of you today, that he sees you and knows your heart. He wants you to succeed and thrive, but sometimes the person in the road is us, blocking our own way.

What I am getting at is just cruse today, let the father lead you and be willing to follow his command. See where you go and take everything in, you never know it could be your best day ever.

And laugh, it’s the best thing to do, even if you laugh at yourself.



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