My Cat, Out 4 a Duck

Do any of you see things in your animals that bug you?

I have this three-legged fur ball. No, he is short-haired but he gets called fur ball when he bugs me.

His name is Out 4 a Duck, why? Because he has had a wicket taken (think of cricket) ROFL

Yes I am hilarious, no not really LOL. I am trying to make all my spare soil produce great vegies, HE wants to use every space for a LOO (toilet).

Let’s just say, there has been a lot of me chasing him and growling. But hey, I can laugh at least.

Dont tell anyone, he is really cute and so loveable. I had to bathe him the other day, (missing one leg he can’t remove the dirt next to his skin) he looked so skinny. And was so embarrassed, I said you will love me later.

He smells gorgeous, and loves me now….


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