Sometimes madness is blinding

What do I mean by that, well thinking of when I was younger, someone I knew had a gun.

Yes, then it was ok or you’re a man if you had one, what the, again.

A gun is for KILLING, there is no other reason. Unless you need to eat, YOU DO NOT NEED ONE.

Yes the debate in America is we have to protect ourselves, again what the. If you didn’t all have one you wouldn’t need to protect yourselves.

I was told that on the American money it says in God We Trust. Really, then why is it ok for them to have a gun? Oh we have the constitution and it says a right to freedom, well if you take away someone else’s for what ever reason then your no better than them.

How many lives have to be taken before someone has the guts to change it, remembering the man who said, “I have a dream” you know the rest. He lost his life and was silenced because of his dream, he voiced what so many were scared to say.

Yes I may be writing and opening a can of worms but I am trying to make you think. It has also been shown that the President doesn’t control the government, the gun people do. Continued madness again.

It is also like coming up with different fuels for cars, I was told by someone a long time ago that tried to get this marketed. Once the big guys who rule the fuel got word of it, they squashed him, paid him to shut up and shut down. Every road block was put up to stop him, because he was a small fish, they won. (This is repeating what he said to me)

So do you want to continue the madness, in Australia at the moment the government are fighting about who is going to lead the country. Really, you are all no better than the other and unless I had to vote I don’t think I would want too. I consider them gutless and weak (my view at this present time). They bow to get ahead and never stand by their word, they are not honourable and that is important to me.

They think they are better than everyone else because they are in office, well if we didn’t exist then you wouldn’t have a job. And by the way in reality you work for me, so wake up and stand up, be a person with dignity and respect.


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