Are we awake? I want to make sure I am

On my way in this morning, I noticed the train was going slower than normal.

Four sheep were out and next to the tracks, one looked like it had a broken leg (needed to be put down). What I started to think about was no one on my carriage rang, to let anyone know. I was shocked, I got on the phone, once I got to work, to let them know to go out and rescue these poor creatures.

Having a moment:  Why do the same people think someone else will do it. That is my one beef, wherever I am, people just go about their day and do what they deem to be important. And leave the cleaning up, for the same people time and time again. I don’t care whether your busy or not, you have to put some effort in. I am busy too, but I put it aside, to help out.

Jesus sees all, he knows I will humble myself and do what I have to do, when I have to do it. Yes, I admit that I do not like being left with the chore, time and time again. But I know I can be counted on, to do it properly and he sees that.

It  just seems like people are asleep to me, they take, no notice and I don’t think they really care.

But while I have a heart and eyes, with two hands and two feet that work. I will make sure I am awake, regardless of what people think.

Memory: I remember at high school, I did not bow to peer pressure their. I thought to myself, how dare they think they can order me around, they will not be paying my wage. One girl even threatened me with violence, I said to her, “if you’re gonna hit me,  you better make it good” she stopped and said to me, “what do you mean?”. I said to her, “hitting me is called assault, I wont just go to the principal, I will make sure your charged, so if you’re gonna do it, you better make it good, because you will get one chance and one chance only”. I confronted a bully and she backed down, growing up with violence you become intolerant to it.

I made sure I was awake then and I will not become conditioned to think another way.

I am with the minority of Jesus, I am extraordinary and I will try to think how he thinks. I will stand up for myself, I will go out of my way to help and I will be heard.

I have been put here to fulfill my destiny and by God I will do it, with everything I have.

Go for it, get charged up. Wake up and get excited.


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