People in the world are being warned

Why I write this is because of two shows, one that springs are starting to dry up. And how we are destroying the planet with over processing, meats and products. We just eat far too much, too often and cause problems with packaging and much much more.

We dispose of waste and then never give it another thought, we need to have some form of accountability. Do we forget, that if we take from nature and make a group of animals extinct, we unbalance the planet. Animals do many jobs, like compost the soil, keep other animals, insects etc in balance. Some even give humans for example, Armadillos give humans leprosy. We are mortified that the excuse is used that if you eat dogs you will get more of a sex drive, what a warped mindset, it is like Rhino horns, which is just compressed hair, or shark fins, you cut them off and dump them back in the ocean to die, how deplorable is that for disrespecting God’s creatures. They have produced synthetic drugs that benefit you 300 times more and no damage caused.

A lie is told and generation after generation believes it, and no the bible is not a lie, it’s my manual. The selfish put there head in the sand, as long and there wallet is full. But when there is no water to drink or food won’t grow, your done. People just accept what they are told and do not think to investigate the truth.

It is like knowing who the Lord is how he put his life on the line for you, and ignoring the magnitude of the evidence over history is just plain dumb (personal view). If you seek him and ask he reveals the truth, he shows you the answers to your questions.

The Lord will supply all your needs, but the world cannot, you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be the most famous, all you need to do is diligently seek him.

He has been my only constant in my life, even when I didn’t think I need him. You see many have families, husbands, children around them all the time. I find it would interfere with my friendship with him, and yes I have been a bad friend these few months, pain does drain you. I know he knows I am sad, sad to not be able to do what I want to do and have the energy to do it.


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