How love fills and overflows

Today I have been singing a song, and tears keep welling in my eyes.

Because, I mean them, it may just seem like a general song but, I do fall deeper and deeper in love with my Lord.

I realised that when I met someone in my past, they thought I would cheat on them. So they attached me, words like, putting chook shit (makeup) on your face or going out tarting.

When all I wanted to do was feel good and make the person want to be seen with me.

Because of the love I feel now, I know time will come when I finally get back that feeling before nasty words tried to shut me down.

I wash them with the blood of Jesus, for I am better than that. And I have asked to get healthy, so the time will come.

All I have to do is hold onto my faith and follow his instruction.


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