It is what it is, he is what he is..

Have you ever thought, its OK to joke around. Or are you telling a white lie. A lie is a lie, the one we lie most too is the one in the mirror.

Do you think its OK, when someone swears in ear shot of you? (I have looked at people, so sorry love, thank you for that) I will not say, oh that’s OK, it is not.

He asks you to do simple things, and we get so immersed in the world we forget.

Forget what, set the standard, I will be and act like my fathers daughter. As I said today, I am the exception, I was born that way.

I will take back my fathers, word and live by it, believe it and action it. I know I am a shocker when I interact with people, who don’t know him. But their watching ME, watching what I do, how I act and then see him in me.

So, take it or leave it, but do not dishonour his work, he is who he is.

And that is OK by me.


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