I am going in…

I have the key to healing and I am going in.

The book I have been reading, you read then you get the revelation. Well I got it, yesterday I felt to step into the river.

There is a river of glory which flows from the throne of God our father, Jesus is there. But the tree of life, the tree of healing is beside the river and the leaves in it’s flowing water is their to heal.

I felt to step forward, but I held back, I thought it was for everyone. But no, I delayed and missed that one. But I am going again when the opportunity arises.

I keep believing and his word I believe. Hes my dad and he would not let me down, he wants to give it, I want to receive it.

So when I see this beautiful golden water, I go in, now I see big rocks of diamonds, I have seen the water fall. Soon I am going to get it because I will not take no for an answer.

I feel my tenacity rising, for he wants me to have the desires of my heart. He knows them, and I am ready to receive them.

I am calling in the Harvest everyday… stay tuned.


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