I Warned the unbeliever

When I met our sales guy, I work part time at from home.

I believe in the Lord, even my boss said, don’t mess with her, she has connections.

He rebuked what was said, now also on the day the Lord said to me, he has an acid tongue in the work place.

The other day I got told he was really sick, and has something so old fashioned. Hmmm, why, I said, in my head I thought, just you wait.

You cannot mess with the Lord, this is serious and not a toy..

Your in, or your out.

Today someone visited and we discussed Diana and why the world mourned her death, because they felt unknowingly the separation between her and God. For she is now in hell, along with Michael Jackson and many others.

As I told someone the other day, its called eternal life, you either wake up to this fact or your out.


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