I fight for my rights

Now you may think this is a basic idea, but really, what is your right for being here.

My right is to fulfil the fathers plan for my life. Not what I want, but all of him, its seems only logical to me.

Some may say, but I desire … what does it say in the word. It states his will, now I have been having a battle to get my son to respond, why because of accusations against me. But it also says, which he reminded me of yesterday when your are persecuted, you are blessed.

And the old reasoning to shut me down is, you have always tried to be the centre of attention (he is repeating words by someone I know, no fact stands up to this). Sorry but when, I never stand up to any family members, I sit quietly and if I had been, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am.

So, I will take it on, I will become the Lord’s use to be the centre of attention. I will stand at the front for him, so enemy you have lost again, I will use what you try and stop me with and do the opposite.

My son will have to live with it, if he doesn’t like it, that’s just too bad. I love him, but I love the Lord more, and I believe this angst with him has reminded me of this. I let it go yesterday, because my effort needs to be for my father in heaven and in me.

I get it Lord, thank you for adjusting me…



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