The Don is good…

Everyday you see news on Donald Trump, sorry but when your perfect, then you can throw that stone.

This man, I believe is being used to clean things up, he has to do things so out of character that it would be shocking. But sometimes, that is just what is required, as I have said before, I see him as God’s Garbologist.

This man was chosen to be the president, it was not his ego, for God would not allow it.

I believe God is working through him, sometimes you don’t like the correction, but he is our parent and we cannot see the plan he has for us.

But we have to trust as a child, and read the word to know he has our lives in his hands.

Be prepared for what is to come, and I keep hearing everyday.

EVERY KINGDOM WILL FALL, he is the only KING. So every person not of God, will loose it all. That is his prophetic word.



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