How is your engine???

Think of yourself like this, your body and spirit are a car engine.

If you dont put the petrol in, it wont run. Same with clutch/brake fluid, water oil and spark plugs.

So again how is your engine? Have you fed yourself today?

Like the computer that runs everything your brain, need the right information. Your spirit I see as the gears/auto drive, if you dont put yourself in gear you go no where, if your in reverse (backslider) god will still be on your case because once the seed was planted it became incorruptible.

So if it needs a tune up, turn up at church. If its not firing on all cylinders, what is wrong?

Someone lovely said to me yesterday, she saw me in overalls fixing a car engine. And then saw me on my knees, I told her this is what I say to people how is your engine.

Your body, mind and spirit are made for greater things, always remember to service it. Keep it running well, for you never know your destination. But the driver (God) knows, so give it a service and never let yourself think you are a V8 or Bently, in God he needs servants, not divas.

Scary how I know parts of cars, but I grew up in the country. If you broke down you had to know how to help yourself.

Think about it, I think its a good way at looking at yourself.

Be blessed xxx


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