Joy, find yours

I find joy in the little things.

My joy today was having visit from someone I think so much of.

And going out to my little veggie patch and picking my excess of zucchini, wow has it really produced well.

I planted radishes, believe it or not you pick them in 3 weeks from planting seeds. So I had to plant some more

Spring onions oh my gosh I was so impressed, I planted another row.

My tomatoes are a little slow but, gross lisse always are and then do well at the end.

Also planted egg plants, basil, capsicum, carrots and spuds.

I learnt to love this from child hood, one thing I am really glad I did. It is really rewarding, secretly I would love to do this on a larger scale but as I always say you just never know.

 Be blessed and share the joy this christmas.


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