When do the lies to yourself, stop

Many shows lately, have been on Aussie prisons, or people who have been in and out many times.

What is evident over and over, lies they believe that they state to themselves, to justify what they did and the choices they made.

I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me, even when they are confronted by the evidence and truth, they still feel like or cannot see the truth, it is the always others or the laws fault.

It is a lie from the enemy, like the show on Melissa Caddick, she allegedly lied to her parents, friends etc, all for money, the show, showed her over and over justifying the reasoning, as to why she did it, and telling herself she was the hero.

But again, lies, lies to convinced yourself, your not the one, they are. But when do you face the person in the mirror, when is your time up, to come into the light.

You have to face, the truth, it is like using the truth, telling only enough of it, to make yourself look like a saint, but the full story, tells a very dark tail.

I remember my mum saying, not only the words, but really meaning them, “you can only lie to yourself for so long, before, your house of cards start falling down” and she was meaning, one of her children, whom she emotionally detached from, because of this.

I pray that the time comes to face the truth and for it to set people free, for there is nothing else worth more, than this.

A life lived by lies, is no life at all….