Never forget what he has done

This is something that I have been over and over, for many years, do not forget what he has done for you.

After being sick for a couple of weeks, I know the enemy was trying to stop me, and it went from an infection to being down in iron, would you believe it.

I was speaking to him this morning and thanking him, counting the blessings, humbly thanking him, for all that has happened, is happening and for what is about to happen.

It is so amazing, I was speaking to a lady the other day, about my most recent testimony, she said she believed, but what got me as I spoke out, his glory is the realization in her eyes, that she has never heard anyone say this before. Never heard, the testimony I was speaking, never heard, how to make contact with the living GOD.

It has hit me over and over, the glory, the joy, the blessing, now the abundance.

And, what is new, I always struggled to justify, new shoes, or a hair cut etc etc etc, I have bought 2 pairs of new shoes and chucking out the old ones with great joy, I feel I can wear what I would have, secretly wanted before and I wear them with no qualm’s at all.

It is so different, it is as if what I thought I deserved before has no validity now. I have no fear, anxiety over what I want, I will have…

I mean, how many are held back, because they fear tomorrow and more.

Oh father, my dearest father, thank you, my one and only king, the king of kings.

Glory to you and I call for the release of what has been stolen from me, seven fold, I call for the release of my inheritance that was stolen, I call for the truth to free the finances over my life. I call on you, who said those words, “Bronwyn, I will always look after you” the words that have stayed my path, direct to you.

Oh father, let the glory fall on others, that need you now, for there is a future, to be full of miracles… and grace.