I didn’t realise the impact of my prayer

A couple of months ago I prayed that the world realises, they need God in their lives.

They need to know who to run too, when this happens.

How to have faith, and what to do.

I am a mighty woman of God and I will fight.

I will claim the victory my father has, there is coming a time that the light inside is shown, that where I walk, he walks and heals.

When we go into hospitals, people will be healed instantly.

Its time for the father to arise and shine, for his light will come.

It is time for the world to realise my dad is the one to help here, not science.

For they only know so much, but the miracle I believe will arrive soon.

I trust in him with all I have, its time, to show just how much.

Be blessed be sensible but TRUST, do not get caught up in the rush, be wise and it will all fall into place.