Get excited

I mean it, get excited.

I have been pushing in like you would not believe, I have been crying out. Father this pain is not mine etc etc.

Day 5 and no pain.

Did you read that, 5 days, I was having problems with my legs etc etc. But my father is in charge, I believe HIS word and not what the enemy is trying to do to stop me.

I will not surrender and never give up. I took up the challenge and I am determined to finish it.

My father says, do this in my name. He shows me and I deliver it all, I will use all I have to get to him and show the world what he can do.

Someone sent me a msg of a daily msg, my response.
Yes yes and yes, this is what I have been doing.
Father you are in me, well I want you to take over me, to have this vessel inside and out.
You reign, I will listen and obey.
Trust me, its that simple, but grab hold and DO NOT LET GO….yahoo happy dance time.