Do you get a feeling?

I had someone talk about what has been prophesied over me.

The words were which I have probably told you before. “You will right a book, that will be held up by leaders of nations.”

I am getting this feeling that this will come to pass, this strong sence of what he is teaching me now, will show those who are lost, how to find the way.

Oh and guess what, pain just lifted.

You cannot tell me that when two agree, he does not act, he does.

I feel angels in the room and someone over my shoulder, I just thought, too bad they cannot clean my house for me. Had to let things slip, its been hard to breath let alone clean.

Well there is always tomorrow, I am just here enjoying being in the moment, god bless the one who agreed. I feel you reading what I am typing and I thank you.

He wants you to do something child like, like dancing, freely. He will dance with you…

This is 6 days old, some reason my blog has a mind of its own..