Coming from the world, into the light

I was talking with someone and this struck me, I have lived in the world and all its dirt.

Seen people, who seem to be so wonderful, but are really so evil and think they can get away with it.

I have seen men, be nasty, not just physically, but emotionally and cruelly. And I justified the faults and let them get away, with what they did against me.

And what have I taken from that, it is what I call, TRAINING.

When something now comes my way, I call on my father and my training, to see the deviousness and lies they are trying to use against me and others.

I see the truth and I will stand, I will not be pushed around, stepped on or taken for a ride.

I will stand as my fathers daughter, I will stand with knowledge of who I am in his sight, and knowing I cannot fail.

I know that the path, taken willingly by me, is paying dividends and nothing the world has yet, can hold a candle to it.

The world is poor, spiritually, emotionally and empathically.

And I am a tillionaire, this is how I feel, because of what I have experienced. I have the blessing of my father, I have been saved, by my father, I have been taken out of the fire, by my father.

I am the daughter, I am the apple of his eye, I am who I was born to be and I will keep on this path, to shine bright as he has intended me to be..

Glory to my father… yeehaaaa