A time like this

Watching Sid Roth and hearing what I have been seeing over the last week or two is so humbling.

This is when you know what your made of, this is when you dip into the data base of HIS word and put it into action.

For his word is alive.

He is alive.

He is real.

He is mine…love you father, love you Yeshua, love you Holy Spirit

Fear is a liar

I will say this again and again, when others fear, I laugh at the situation.

When the songs come, I sing and sing LOUD.

For it is well with my SOUL, it is well with my SPIRIT, it is well because I know my father has me.

So, again DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME, his question a few weeks ago.

For if you love, you TRUST, you STAND and will not be moved and have no fear of arrest or death.

When your at that place, nothing else matters.

SO be blessed in that knowledge…and DO NOT believe the enemy’s lies.

Virus cure…

Joy of the Lord, total belief of his word.

Know where you stand and stand on his word as his breath.

Every time I see the news, I laugh, not at anything other than knowing my dad is in CHARGE.

Praise, joy, laughter, and commonsense is my cure. Knowing my dad, no false God’s, only him.

The ONE TRUE GOD of all, because when the shit hits the fan, only God will save you.

Its time for your foundation to be shaken, and remove the false gods in your life, whether it be money, material possessions.

I call my harvest in, my harvest of faith, my harvest of what was stolen, the restitution of it all.



God has had enough, if you are reading this read Psalm 91.

If you let fear overtake you, you give in.

I will not allow the enemy any room, for GOD so loved the world he gave his son.

He is shaking YOUR foundation, to get YOUR attention.

So quit it, and pray no plague will touch you.

Listen to Sid Roth with Tracy Cooke, you will understand more.

I have been getting 38 degrees Celsius would disperse it, they said it, I have been pleading the blood of Jesus on my house physically going around and doing so.

I have seen him empty hospitals, his blood is going to move all false GOD’s in your life, this could include money.

He will bring judgement on the enemy and reveal the truth, his people will stand up and be seen and the light of him will shine.

His time has come…

I didn’t realise the impact of my prayer

A couple of months ago I prayed that the world realises, they need God in their lives.

They need to know who to run too, when this happens.

How to have faith, and what to do.

I am a mighty woman of God and I will fight.

I will claim the victory my father has, there is coming a time that the light inside is shown, that where I walk, he walks and heals.

When we go into hospitals, people will be healed instantly.

Its time for the father to arise and shine, for his light will come.

It is time for the world to realise my dad is the one to help here, not science.

For they only know so much, but the miracle I believe will arrive soon.

I trust in him with all I have, its time, to show just how much.