Never think your smarter than Einstein

Einstein was brilliant and wanted to figure things out for himself, I was taught that you must look into things. Don’t trust that google knows all, find out what is behind it.

Where did their info come from. Most of us are so quick to take one way as the right way.

My thought is always, the only right way is HIS way.

We learn by mistakes, make sure your not repeating some else’s mistake. We are never smarter than our maker.

Be open and alert and never take your eyes off his word, ask him to assist he is the best teacher.

Forgiveness is hard

To instantly forgive those that spitefully use you is hard.

I have neighbours that would drive anyone to drink, last night I flipped the switch and prayed for them.

They have been using my driveway to enter theirs the mud from all the rain is horrendous.

Last night I thought about is and realised that maybe they didn’t learn to have manners, maybe they need to be steered in the right direction. So with love I am going to push against the opposite of what I have been feeling.

As I stated forgiveness has been hard, but I must forgive them. For me as much as for them.



Do you ever spend the time, trying to view things in a different way to what you would automatically do?

I have learned over the years that you react in a certain way to things, its like when I knock myself. I was taught that you instantly go to anger.

But was that right, no it wasn’t, most of the time my parent was just angry at herself or frustrated, but it taught me the wrong way.

I am learning to flip the switch and make things different in my life. Because if I meet my future husband then I cannot repeat the past.

Interesting how time can make you wiser than before.