Aiming to please….

Sometimes when I take on a task for someone I can be harsh on myself.

I am aiming to please, so the job is done right the first time.

Sometimes I get myself all panicked, but all I have to do is remember to aim to please the Lord.

Everything will fall into place after that.

Kiss principle

I feel blessed beyond words..

Remember in my last post how I said you have to have a relationship.

You need to get to know him because the devil can make it sound like its from the Lord to trick you and get you off course.

Yesterday my dear Pastor, said those words. I actually asked him if he had read my blog.

But no, it was the same message from the Lord and I feel so blessed to have it confirmed that I am hearing straight from him.

Its lovely to know that my relationship is close, all I have to do is keep it up and always keep myself on guard.

Be blessed and know you can have this too…

Know the difference…

What do I mean by, know the difference.

Know when the Lord speaks to you and know when the devil is trying to move you off course.

Sounds simple right, but I am here to tell you that the devil can sound like the Lords message. What you have to do, is know him.

Make sure your relationship is like a friendship and get it confirmed by those in the know. Better to be safe than sorry, I usually wait and then move when I know its been confirmed.

Or you get a knowing that cannot be denied, usually someone on Sunday will back it up without them realizing.

Get to know him, its a treasure that you will love to have. He is waiting for you.

Be blessed.

How is your engine???

Think of yourself like this, your body and spirit are a car engine.

If you dont put the petrol in, it wont run. Same with clutch/brake fluid, water oil and spark plugs.

So again how is your engine? Have you fed yourself today?

Like the computer that runs everything your brain, need the right information. Your spirit I see as the gears/auto drive, if you dont put yourself in gear you go no where, if your in reverse (backslider) god will still be on your case because once the seed was planted it became incorruptible.

So if it needs a tune up, turn up at church. If its not firing on all cylinders, what is wrong?

Someone lovely said to me yesterday, she saw me in overalls fixing a car engine. And then saw me on my knees, I told her this is what I say to people how is your engine.

Your body, mind and spirit are made for greater things, always remember to service it. Keep it running well, for you never know your destination. But the driver (God) knows, so give it a service and never let yourself think you are a V8 or Bently, in God he needs servants, not divas.

Scary how I know parts of cars, but I grew up in the country. If you broke down you had to know how to help yourself.

Think about it, I think its a good way at looking at yourself.

Be blessed xxx

Yesterday was awesome

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome yesterday was.

What I can say is today is the beginning of the wonderful. I took hold of what was prophecied and this is it.

I knew it yesterday, I told someone about the seasons and bazinga here we are spring has begun in my life.


I feel the spring season in the Lord…

We always say things happen in there right time and season.

Like me being healed from Asthma, I believed and knew I had to wait and here it is done and dusted. I have to say its lovely being able to breath.

But I know that I have been through the winter season and spring is almost here, this has also been spoken out in church. All I can say is yahoo, very exciting.

Be paitent and know that even if you go through autumn, then into winter.. This too shall pass, take the time to get to know the father, for this time will help you when spring comes. Use the darker times to learn and use it in the future.

Awesome things are ahead, I just know it.

Smile and hang on. At home I have a printed picture of a dragon fly hanging onto a stick, the darts of rain are firing at him. But he holds on, with his wings up, waiting for it to be over. The way I look at it, his wings up, is me with my sword and shield. And the devil firing weapons at me, but nothing will hurt me as long as I hang on.