Milestone over 1000

Its offical I am dumbfounded & humbled or just stunned.

Over 1,000 people have now viewed my sight.

When I began I thought if just one person reads this and the funny thing was my first comment had the initials JC.

How is that for freaky? (JC Jesus Christ) I thought it was funny. Laugh people, he said, ‘Count it all joy’.

So here I sit and I am absolutely humbled, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. The blog for my dad to have not only a voice but away of touching people with his experiences in me.

I hope that you have a heart that can be opened and filled with love.

To all be blessed :)

Some thoughts can be diabolicale

I have probably spelt that wrong but doesnt matter.

When the devil sends you a memory, it can easily lead you in the wrong way. I know this to be true, sometimes I feel like I am being hit with a machine gun with thoughts.

What I do is TRUST, I trust that my father who has my plans before him cannot fail me. Because Jesus and God cannot lie.

So I keep going and I keep trusting and I shout out, ‘Shut up devil you have no power over me’.

I was made perfect in his eyes and as I read this morning. He is cleaning me up because he needs me and has great work for me to do. That seems so huge to me, because I do not think I am anything special.

But for some reason, as I have said before, ‘my name will be written down in the pages of history’. I dont know why or how but this is so strong right now.

He has hit the go button, where I end up I do not know. But I trust him with the journey, thats my key.

Be driven to the end…

I had someone stop by my home recently and something struck me.

“You never stop, your always moving forward” this simple statement made me stop for a minute. Seeing yourself through different eyes does give you enlightenment.

The reason is if I stop moving forward, then that’s it. Its all over rover, as the saying goes.

One of my kids said, “Mum why dont you move back too …..”. As I was talking to my dear friend, I just stated that going back is like giving up. And its something I cannot do, with everything in me there is no other option.

I am on course for my father and its beyond my reasoning to be able to move. How can I explain this more easily, I can move forward inside, without hesitation. Its like being breathing, I cannot live without doing. I am driven to meet him face to face, there is no plan b or another road, this is it.

So all I can say is, if you feel like something is missing then there probably is. Be like the blues brothers, and be on a mission from God.

When I began…

When I began my journey in the Lord, what was to come seemed insermountable.

But knowing what I know now, just start. If your sitting on the fence and think that its just religion, what I have to say is was Jesus religious. I dont think so, what he had was a love and knowing for his father. That is what I go by, I once went to a church that was so strict and the Pastor or Minister unapproacable, I thought this is not for me.

We have to know the right path for us, and I am so thank you that I have mine.

God is absolutely amazing…

I have been quiet of late and there is a reason for that. I am determined to let the Lord fix me. I am at the end of myself and I will have the victory.

But the Lord has been doing the impossible and I am so very grateful. All I had to do was give up and let it flow.

Sometimes I know that we get in our own way, but I am here to tell you that in God there is hope. You can never be too old, too young or not wise enough. Let me just say any excuse the devil throws at you, just trust in your father.

Remember no word from God is without power, use his words for then you will have good success.

We have in our church a declartion we read at the end and let me tell you, if you stand on it, it will come to pass.

Remember not to rush, in wisdom there is trust in his time and season.

And remember I said, something big was gonna happen. I can feel it being so close its almost tangible. I am so excited for what my father is about to do. :)

Don’t go to sleep

Remember the story of the virgin’s.

Some were wise and took oil with them, some didn’t and had to go buy oil. It was then that the bridegroom came.

What was highlighted was that, they slept for a short time.

What is really clear is, don’t be asleep if the hour comes in the Lord.

This is your warning: Be ready to move, you will only have yourself to blame.

Keys are, spend time ready the word, praying in the spirit and getting to know HIM.

What a word, I felt fired up

On Sunday it was a great word.

We forget sometimes that Jesus was a normal man until he was 30 years old. He was just the carpenter’s son, to everyone else.

Then the right season came and he was then filled with the holy spirit, he became extraordinary, he was not just the carpenter’s son anymore.

That is the same with us, when we surrender and build in the spirit we can become extraordinary.

I always say to people if they say to me, you are not like everyone else. NO I am not, I am my father’s daughter¬†and I was born this way, as I always say, ‘I was born extraordinary and I am not apologizing for that’.

My father has me here for HIS purpose, it’s up to me to wait for the right season and do what I must do.

As Mary said, “Let it be done unto me”. As it is his will, that I am where I am, strategically placed for what is to come.