Your about to be shaken to the core

The message was clear on Wednesday, the earth is about to be rocked to its core.

These are the last days before his return, and even Christians are gonna be shocked.

He has to get your attention and there is only one way.

So what do you do, pray and trust him. Not what you are about to witness, trust in the love and knowledge he has you.

In his hands like a child walking beside his father, that is what I picture all the time. He has me, he will protect me and when it comes nothing but he will be for me.

OMG I am fired up

I suppose you can tell.

But I cannot sit still, knowing what my father can do for me and you.

When the battle is in effect, I stand and fight. I fight with honor, nothing man can do to me will win.

I learnt early on in my life, doing nothing only hurts you.

So knowing what I know, my destiny is on its way.

All I have to do is pass the test. What test do you have to pass?

Don’t give up while you still have breath in you, you can achieve great things.

In him who, loves you and knew you before you were in your mothers womb.

The devil is a liar

So many times, I know the same thing is true.

The devil is a liar, who comes to kill, steal and destroy your life.

So what are YOU gonna do???

Fight for your life and the generations after you. We are in a time of great significance and we have the right and power to fight and take back what the enemy has stolen from us.

I am owed Millions of dollars, and by almighty God. I will get that back ASAP.

I am not going to feel sorry for myself or whine or whinge. Waste of time and effort, but fight call in the power of almighty God.

We deserve to have our inheritance now, I missed my worldly one, but I know again, what the devil has stolen (you devil) he must return 7 fold.

I declare and bind the work of the enemy over my life, I take back what has been stolen and I decree that all good things will come my way.

My father who I have surrendered too is my supply, yahoo.

God is in my pocket

Work has been a challenge for some time.

Today I went in for my time and was told staff have left.

So what do I do, say God is in my pocket, I have nothing to fear. For fear belongs of the devil and I will not give him anymore of ME.

So here I sit, before I leave stating, if you are going through something similar. Then fight back, you have the power to create change.

Grab hold of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

And hang on for the ride, but know it will come into land.

A true leader

Last Wednesday, I saw a true leader stand before me.

One who will only do what God wants him to do, regardless of what man might say.

Sometimes as a leader you have to stand up, you need to be certain with no doubt. But then you have to make the decision to then act on it.

Some people have to realize that they may not  be hearing from God, I have seen others be steered off track. But they have realized this yet and sometimes people have to fall. To want to get back up.

A true leader is one who inspires and you can stand with them, knowing that Gods path is the same one your on.

God always has a plan

One thing I know more than any other is, God has a plan for me and you.

What we have to do is TRUST him and know he will not fail you.

Its such a hard thing to do at the start but its true, his plan for me is up to him. If I have surrendered to him, then its not my life, he knows me, from the end to the beginning all of it my thoughts and much much more.

Things are not as they seem where I work, but I trust him to look after me.

Trust in this DO NOT GIVE UP, he has you in his hand. Just call on him, when you need a friend he is there.

Do not in any way move on what you see, trust the unseen

Time heals all

Time was required for me to heal. Not only what happened earlier this year but in me.

I hit close to bottom inside myself, it’s been hard even to breath. I don’t know why but I think the lord has been renewing me for what is to come.

I was also given a book to read Approval Addiction. Wow what a whack it’s really moved something in me.

I have some news I have lost over 25 percent of my body mass. The hardest thing was facing what I have hidden from for more than 20 years

I have gone down 6 dress sizes and counting a couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding. I have hidden behind the fat for so long I forgot I was even female.

The fat was my shield from hurt and I hid safely. Well I got hit on, which shocked me but reminded me I still got it.

But problem, married man so when he came from the right I kept exciting stage left lol.

Hope your all well and let him do the renovating you may need. Be blessed